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  • Coral Barbas Arribas [Spain]
    Metabolomics tools and oxidative stress biomarkers a complex interplay

  • Bogusław Buszewski [Poland]
    Sample preparation and sampling a new concept

  • Aalt Bast  [Netherland]
    Adaptive responses in the pharmacology and toxicology of redox modulating agents

  • Niki Chondrogianni [Greece]
    Proteasome activation through diet-derived compounds in the battle against ageing and protein aggregation

  • Michal Ciborowski [Poland]
    What can we see in your eyes? Metabolomics of aqueous humor

  • Domingues Rosário [Portugal]
    Analytical Approaches in Lipidomics using Mass Spectrometry and their Application in Diseases

  • Danuta Dudzik [Spain]
    Metabolomics helps to reveal complex jigsaw puzzle of novel pancreatic cancer treatment

  • Peter Eckl [Austria]
    Analysis of biological responses to oxidative stress, antioxidants and drugs in metabolically competent primary hepatocytes

  • Maria Fedorova [Germany]
    Analytical and bioinformatics solutions to study diversity of oxidized lipids and lipid-protein adducts

  • Bertrand Friguet [France]
    Oxidized protein homeostasis: implication of circadian rhythm, oxidative stress and aging

  • Antonia García Fernández [Spain] 
    Metabolomic approach in lung of TB-infected mice finding new targets in drug discovery                       

  • Caroline Gaucher [France]
    Protein S-nitrosation as a biomarker of nitric oxide bioavailability under oxidative stress

  • Carolina Gonzalez – Riano [Spain]
    GC-MS-based metabolomics study of mouse optic nerve as a model of neurological visual diseases

  • Anna Gromotowicz – Poplawska [Poland]
    The mechanism of aldosterone prothrombotic action –role of hemostasis, oxidative stress and nitric oxide

  • Roman Kaliszan [Poland]
    “Reproducibility crisis" and other issues of today's science

  • Danylo Kaminskyy [Ukraine]
    4-Thiazolidinones in the design of new drug-like molecules for treatment of oxidative stress depended diseases

  • Betul Karademir [Turkey]
    Analysis of proteasome activity in cancer cell lines

  • Wirginia Kukuła-Koch [Poland]
    The application of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography in the purification of natural products known as antioxidants

  • Roman Lesyk [Ukraine]
    Drug design: 4-thiazolidinone applications  

  • Michal Markuszewski [Poland]
    Targeted metabolomics in cancer diseases: From analytical methods development and validation towards application to biological and clinical samples.

  • Audrius Sigitas Maruška [Lithuania] 
    Development and application on bioanalytical methods at instrumental analysis open access centre of Wytautas Manus University

  • Gethin McBean [Ireland]
    Pathways of synthesis and upregulation of thiol antioxidants in brain glial cells

  • Tânia Melo [Portugal]
    Optimization of collision energy for improving the identification of nitrated phospholipids

  • Anna Moniuszko-Malinowska [Poland]
    Co-infections with tick-borne pathogens - epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic problems

  • James Phang [USA]
    The Proline Cycle Revisited

  • Ulrike Resch [Austria]
    A micromethod for polyphenol-detection and anti-inflammatory action of grape seed extracts on human vascular endothelial cells"

  • Luca Regazzoni [Italy]
    Albumin CYS34 modifications as biomarkers of oxidative stress

  • Khrystyna Semen [Ukraine]
    Diet as an add-on therapy in pulmonary arterial hypertension

  • Olha Yelisyeyeva [Ukraine]
    Mitochondria function, Warburg effect and oxidative stress associated diseases: key mechanisms, possibility of correction

  • Neven Zarkovic [Croatia]
    Contribution of the HNE-Immunohistochemistry to Modern Pathological Concepts of Major Human Diseases